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  Quartz Tubing   Quartz Rod
  Quartz Wool   Quartz Sintered Discs
  Quartz Polished Discs - Natural   Quartz Polished Discs - Synthetic
  Quartz Polished Plate - Natural   Quartz Polished Plate - Synthetic
  Sapphire Polished Discs   Quartz Spherical Joints - Balls
  Quartz Spherical Joints - Cups   Quartz Conical Joints - Cones
  Quartz Conical Joints - Sockets   Quartz Screwthreads
  Quartz Stopcocks   Quartz Graded Seals
  Quartz Round Bottom Flask With or Without Sockets   Quartz Flat Bottom Flask With or Without Sockets
  Quartz Conical Flask With or Without Sockets   Quartz Beakers - Wide Form
  Quartz Beakers - Tall Form   Items Fabricated to Drawing