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Industrial Quartz and Borosilicate Glass Blowing

Established in 1988, Robson Scientific is now widely recognised as a leading supplier of quartz and borosilicate scientific glassware using industrial glass blowing techniques. Specialists in the production of lathe-drawn quartz tubing, we can supply close-tolerance material, fabricated to order. Our highly experienced glass blowers combine traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art facilities and technology.

Products range from simple glassware to complex quartz laboratory apparatus supplied to the semiconductor, optical fibre, water sterilisation and lamp industries. High purity fused quartz (99.995% SiO2) is utilised throughout the manufacturing process. This, together with stringent quality control measures at each process step ensures superior products.

Along with the standard items shown here on our website, we provide a full technical advisory service to assist customers on the best design and application to suit their requirements. Whether it is for a 'one off' or thousands of pieces, every customer order is given the same level of care and attention.